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Our Results

Ashley said:

As a woman in tech I felt intimidated by the Software Engineering interview process and felt that I didn't have a strong enough technical background and experience. 1TakeInterview breaks down the problem in a way that teaches the fundamentals on how to approach difficult problems. It has given me a boost of confidence during the recruitment process.

Evan said:

1TakeInterview taught me the essential problem solving skills for the interview process and provided me with problems that accurately represented the difficulty I saw at most companies. This is a great website and will definitely help you lock down the internship or job!

Rachel said:

I had an interview for my dream company and wanted to be as prepared as possible. 1Takeinterview's approach and explanations gave me the insight I needed to perform well and get the job. During the interview I was able to break it down exactly as these problems do. I'd really recommend 1TakeInterview to anyone who is trying to prepare for Software Engineering interviews so they can beat the competition!

Pranav said:

I was surprised how many techniques and tricks I was able to learn through 1TakeInterview. I built a fundamental understanding on how to solve unfamiliar questions ranging from LinkedLists to Trees and have been able to re-use the techniques over and over again. 1TakeInterview provides valuable insight to the different coding paradigms that can be directly used in interviews.

Amrutha said:

The list of interview topics felt like I was reading a foreign language. The 1TakeInterview course made the process managable and made a huge difference during my interview process. Each question either showed up or was a variation of what I was asked. I'm so thankful for your service and help.

Yuki said:

1TakeInterview provides insightful step-by-step explanations that LeetCode or HackerRank could not offer, and those are crucial in really cracking all the coding questions instead of memorizing typical solutions. I would recommend it for everyone who finds it challenging to solve coding questions independently since 1TakeInterview really teaches you how to approach each problem!

Nathaniel said:

As I was preparing for my first ever coding interview, I spent hours trudging through problems on HackerRank and LeetCode, attempting to follow vague explanations from random users when I got stuck. 1takeinterview provided me with the fundamental skills needed to solve any coding problem with clear, step-by-step instructions, saving me days in preparation time. I learned important algorithms faster through 1takeinterview than I did in school.

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What You Get

Real Problems

Our experience working in the industry lets us give you real questions from real interviews. Practice company specific questions from Google, Facebook, and others that interviewers frequently ask. We focused on providing you with the most accurate and up to date interview questions so that they are as close and realistic as possible to what companies ask!

Lifetime Membership

We're determined to helping you throughout your software engineering career. That's why we give you Lifetime Membership to our resources and help. Have permanent access to our content so you can come back whenever you're recruiting again. We understand that things get in the way of recruitment or you may be interviewing frequently, we want to be a valuable resource you can keep coming back to and continue learning from.

Step-by-step Solutions

Other coding websites try to give you lots of problems to solve and just throw solutions at you without building intuition or a fundamental understand, however, this is the wrong approach to interviewing. Learn core solution strategies with detailed walkthroughs to quickly solve unfamiliar problems and grasp the concepts associated with each programming paradigm.

Brand New Content

The coding interview is constantly evolving and changing with new technologies and hiring practices. We're constantly adding more challenging problems and tips to keep up with the interview process. When you decide to come back we want to provide you with even more content to help you be confident and prepared!

Who We Are

The Mission

Help aspiring software engineers to ace the interview and get the dream internship or job offer by teaching them the underlying problem-solving skills and thought processes.

The Story

My name is Sean Viswanathan, founder of 1TakeInterview. I am a recent Cornell University graduate and Software Engineer at Facebook. 1TakeInterview was created due to the intimidating, arduous and frustrating experience of the software engineering interview process. It is difficult enough to get an interview for an internship or full-time position, so it is even more heartbreaking when you fail flat on your face when you’re up against some of the most challenging questions at an interview of your dreams.

Every year for the last four years, I have taken part in the recruitment process hoping to land either an internship or a full-time position in a software engineering role. The undergraduate Computer Science curriculum wasn’t nearly enough to prepare me for the interview questions; I found myself failing to wow my interviewers and ultimately being rejected. As I started to prepare more for interviews to have a better understanding of the professional landscape, my confidence began to grow. Unfortunately, the more I knew about how unexpected interviews can be, the more intimidated I became.

Most interview questions focused on dynamic programming, backtracking, and trees and design. The problem was, I had no idea how to even begin to approach them and was spending countless hours beating my head against the wall trying to understand the solution. While I eventually buckled down on trying to work through as many problems as I could, I remained clueless on how I could develop the underlying thought process.

I have compiled dozens of the most common interview questions and have provided an easy-to-follow step-by-step to guide even the most unprepared student on how to nail this part of the interview. I want 1TakeInterview to teach you how to perform well against unfamiliar and difficult interviews.

1TakeInterview brings a more effective learning-based approach to build intuition from the ground up on difficult problems, since most other resources only provide you with either flat-out easy problems that you would never encounter in an interview or challenging problems with incomprehensible solutions.